Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chapter 5

"Alex!" Lucinda shouted at the grubby, Fell Gelding. He was cantering away from her- as usual. Richie was standing by the gate, making sure that Alex didn't run away through it. Lucinda blew out a deep sigh and stormed off to collect the chaff, Alex was a difficult horse to catch. She returned with a bucket full of chaff and a head collar behind her back. Alex finally took a notice of the chaff in her hand and came bolting towards her, she put it on the sodden ground and he dunked his head right in, gulping his food down as though there was no tomorrow. Lucinda thrown the lead rope across his neck, waited till his head was out of the bucket and strapped the head collar onto him. She picked up the bucket, lead-rope in hand, she dragged Alex through the gate Richie was holding and went to his stable. Lucy tied him up on an old piece of baler twine next to the stable. She proceeded to grab his grooming kit from the tack room, as well as his prized, custom made leather saddle and bridle. That was in need of a very good cleaning session, that she didn't have time for.

"Here you go, Richie" she told him as she placed riding boots and a hat into his hands. "Go get changed, I'll be getting Alex ready". Lucinda grabbed a hoof-pick out of the box and picked up his left fore (front), she picked it up with ease, though getting out the stones and dirt was a different story. It was very hard to do, especially when he didn't want to hold his hoof up any longer. She cleaned out the rest of the hooves. "Good boy" she mumbled to the Fell, gently stroking his neck, and patted him gently. "Lucinda" Richie mumbled, strolling back towards the horse and putting on his new boots. "Yes, Richie?" Lucinda replied, grabbing a curry comb from the grooming kit. "Well, ummmm, I think I'm in love, with you".
"Don't you think that's a  little early? I mean, you hardly know me. Though, I do feel attracted to you. I do believe in love at first sight" Lucinda told him, smoothing down the collar on his jacket and took the bridle off the hook and gently, placed her thumb in his mouth and opened it. Taking care to not bash his teeth, she gently placed it in the mouth, quickly putting his head piece over his ears. We don't need a vet now. Lucinda done up his throat lash, nose band and gave the reins to Richie, to hold him. Lucy stumbled to the door, groaning at the weight of the saddle that was now in her arms.  

She wandered to his near side and placed on the saddle, sliding it down from his withers. Lucinda sighed. Then, the girth was done up loosely, to allow the horse to breathe. Richie gently stroked Alexs' mane and smiled gently, Lucinda decide to do up his girth some more and pull down the stirrups.
"Right then, let's go to the mounting block, shall we?" Lucinda insisted, leading Alex towards thew mounting block on the yard, Alex was perfect for beginners and had a kind, gentle temperament. Despite his size, he is the safest in the yard. Richie stepped onto the mounting block and took the reins, shaking a little, probably nervousness, he climbed onto the horses' back. Alex stood still as Richie gathered his reins in his massive hands, Lucinda attached the leading rein from her waist, clipping to the opposite side of his snaffle. She trudged up to the sand school and opened the gate, once lead inside, she shut the gate again. She started to walk Alex around the school, Richie smiled and laughed as they went around the 20 x 40m arena. Richie felt tense, though, somehow, being with Alex and Lucinda made him feel more at ease.

Alex decided he wanted to trot for a while. "Richie" she told him as they pulled into the centre on X. "When trotting, sit tall and straight, look at when the foot falls, you rise and if not then sit two beats. Got it?"
She dragged Alex out onto the outside, and started to run beside Alex while Richie tried to sit up and rise at the same time, while making sure that his feet didn't go through the stirrups.
"It'll get easier, trust me. I've been riding for forever so I'm bound to find it easy, you'll find your feet, just relax and enjoy it"


"I wonder whether Richie's getting his lesson in, horse riding. He should be, you ok to walk, or do you need me to help?"

"I';m okay to walk, thanks for the offer though Jon" Alyssa replied, her eyes watching the fields and folage pass by them. Lucinda had taken care of Leo and Blue, Richie was probably riding the black Fell, called Alex. He was bombproof. Soon, they came to the gate, and up a long, cobblestone drive, that made the truck rattle and rumble along, and came to the yard. Jon switched off the engine and jumped out, shutting the door behind him. He rushed to the other side, and opened the door for Alyssa. She smiled and stepped out.
"I do have arms you know. I can open a door for myself. Though, thank you"
"I was trying to be a polite gentlemen, and, you're welcome"
"Are my eyes deceiving me or is that Richie riding? With Lucinda by him."
"That is Richie riding. I never thought that he'd pluck up the courage but it appears he's had some persuasion"
"Well, he sort of had to, didn't he? Besides, you have to ride as well"
She hobbled over to the bench by the arena and watched comfortably. Jon sat next to her, and watched his right-hand man ride a horse. Lucinda smiled and began to walk, she turned Alex at K and took a short breather. She propped herself on top of the fence that ran the long-side of the school, and watched Richie ride on.
"Do a 20m circle at C, then come down here and do one at A"
"Barking orders are we?" Jon joked as he fiddled with his thumbs, he looked up and smiled, mischievously at Alyssa.
"Yeah, I am, I'm trying to teach someone to ride, when are you joining us?"
"After he's done."
"Alyssa can take you, if not, get Julie to sort you out a horse. I have to untack that Fell over there that's currently trotting."
Alyssa sighed.

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