Saturday, 11 April 2015

Chapter 4

Lucinda sighed and placed Blu's saddle on the hook and checked her watch, she was interrupted by Richie, who was stood at the door. She sat down and continued to proceed with the accident report form that needed to be filled in, she grabbed her pen and started to write in all of the necessary details. Richie walked over to Lucy, smiled a little and placed his soft, gentle hands on her tense shoulders. She smiled as Richie started to massage her tense, tight shoulders.
“So tight” he mumbled as she started to relax a little under his touch, Rich grinned and whispered in her ear, “relax darling, you feel so tense and stressed, just let Mr Sambora take care of it”. She nodded. Lucinda let go of a pleasurable moan she had stuck in her throat, she relaxed under his gentle, calloused touch. The day had been long and hard for Lucinda, Alyssa’s fall on the hack, the riding lesson full of screaming, scared toddlers that morning, no way was she going to do the lesson without Jon or her best friend there, injured or not.

Lucinda closed her eyes as she inhaled a large breath of air, it filled her lungs and it made her feel a little better. Her stomach rumbled loudly as she swore under her breath, time had flown by and it was now lunchtime. 
"Richie, could we have lunch in the farmhouse? I'm really hungry" she asked, looking at him and stood up.
"Sure Lucinda"
"Call me Lucy, lets go"
Richie smiled and walked past the stables, across the yard and towards the old Victorian farmhouse. She opened the door and strolled to the kitchen, Richie following behind. She turned and opened the fridge, taking out the bread. They then made their lunches, walked to the table and eat. Lucinda's hunger satisfied, they made their way back towards the yard. 

Lucinda completed the forms and began sweeping the yard of hay, straw and muck. Richie grabbed a broom as well and began to help her by sweeping the yard.
"You don't have to help out. Honest" Lucinda protested, Richie stopped and looked at her.
"I want to"
"OK then, I'll go and muck out Leo's stable while you do the sweeping. Thank you" she replied, walking over to Leo's stable and grabbed the pitchfork with the wheelbarrow. Richie enjoyed helping out Lucy, he enjoyed her company. Jon wasn't exactly the best company Richie could have, Jon was constantly on his phone and it bothered Richie. Lucy was perfect company, and, to make matters better, she was female. This was a break from music, it was very pleasant and the heat was just about bearable. It could even be a second job, no, that couldn't happen, he was too busy making music that he wouldn't enjoy this place for what it is.


Alyssa had a full examination by the doctor, she'd been told that she would have to have stitches. Not that bad, could be worse, she thought in her head as the doctor came in with a clip board and glasses on, he looked at her and continued to talk about her 'vitals'. Jon sat by her, sometimes holding her hand, and gently shaking her if she ever started to doze. Once the doctor was gone, she and Jon started to talk.

"I don't understand why Leo would do that, he's not usually spooky and is usually calm around cars. He's never thrown me off like that, he must of been in quite a panic to bolt, I couldn't control him. It's all my fault"
"Listen, Lyss. It's not YOUR fault, he just gotten scared that's all. He panicked and tried to run away from it, he just bucked you off in the process, and that ended up with us being here now, and you having stitches for that gash on your leg"

"Yeah, you're right, horses do that sometimes. It'll be a few days before I ride again though, it shook me up quite a lot, though I'll get back on him. I trust Leo enough"

At that moment, another doctor came through. He was wearing scrubs and had a nasty looking needle in his hand, he explained what he was gonna do and performed the procedure, once over he stood up and placed a bandage on top of the gash. He shook Jon and hers' hand and went off on his way. With no more injuries to report, Alyssa could be discharged. They walked up to the front desk, signed the papers and she hobbled out of the hospital, she put a arm across Jons' waist to help stabilize her. Jon opened the door to his awaiting truck, that he had paid for and she got in, Jon was in the other side. Off to the stables they went.

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