Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chapter 2

Richie huffed and puffed as he held the map in his hands, lush, green fields passed them as he scratched his chin, intently. It better not be one of these isolated places where he and Jon go to write new material for some new album, anyway, why would they go to Texas?

Jon smiled as he drove the F150 along the secluded country road, he breathed in the clean country air and hummed quietly to himself as Richie tapped his knee up and down.
"When are we getting there? We've been driving for hours, and I haven't seen a single house for miles" Richie moaned as he continued to look across the cattle-strewn fields.
"Only a few more minutes, it's quite peaceful don't you think?"
"Yeah, really peaceful. Too quiet though"
"Now where did they say it is?" Jon mumbled as he stared at the map that Richie was holding, he nodded his head and continued to look at the road that lay ahead of them.


Leo, as always, was eager to move ahead and lead, whereas Blu like to follow behind and shake his head when Lucinda wasn't concentrating, today was the perfect day, it was a pleasant temperature and the sun beat down its rays on their backs as they asked for trot. Leo liked to trot out, so did Blu, Alyssa smiled as they continued to ride down the small, quiet road.

Alyssa heard a low rumbling in her ear, it sounded like that of a engine, a large one, such as a truck. It would probably be one of the fellow farmers, wouldn't it? Then the rumbling came closer, louder, Leo stopped. As much as Alyssa tried to kick him on, moaning under her breath to tell him to go forward, she gently squeezed but it was like her horse had been glued to the floor.
"Walk on Leo, come on"
"What's wrong? Why isn't he walking on?"
"I don't know"
Then, round the corner came a black Ford F150, two men were inside and they didn't look local. Leo started to back up, Alyssa's facial expression was one full of terror and fear as the truck started to slow down. Then, a door opened, a tall man with dark, mussed, brown hair, he was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, though he slammed the door, Leo reared, the whites of his eyes were visible, she tried to grab his neck to console him.

She tried to console her horse, though it was no use, Richie walked over as Leo come to stand on all four legs.
"Phew. Thank goodness that's over"
Then, Leo started to bolt into a nearby field, and Alyssa knew this was not gonna end well.
"SHIT!" she mumbled under her breath as he started to buck.

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